Entry Point

Entry PointTowards Child Theology with Matthew 18

Haddon Willmer and Keith J White

The term “Child Theology” is a 21st century invention. But the substance of Child Theology is as old as the Good News of Jesus. When his disciples were making serious mistakes in their theological argument about greatness in the kingdom of God, Jesus placed a child among them.

In June 2002 a group of Christians met in Penang, Malaysia to explore what was meant by “Child Theology”. One of the outcomes was the request for a book on the subject. Entry Point is that book! Without defining the shape and content of Child Theology, it invites readers to explore what it might mean to receive this child as:

•          a challenge to radical conversion,

•          a clue to the truth about the kingdom of God,

•          a reminder that following Jesus into the kingdom means denying self and taking up the cross,

•          an encouragement to live in the resilience of resurrection,

•          a helper in making universal community with God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Haddon Willmer (Emeritus Professor of Theology at Leeds University) and Keith J Haddon Willmer grew up in Free Church evangelicalism and had a good liberal education in Brockenhurst and Cambridge, studying history and theology. He taught in the University of Leeds for 32 years and is Emeritus Professor of Theology. He is a jack of too many theological trades to be the master of any, working spasmodically on Barth and Bonhoeffer, politics and forgiveness, Bible and preaching, and mission in Leeds and wider afield. Since retiring, he has supervised thirteen doctoral students at the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies. He is an active trustee of Pace (Parents against Child Sexual Exploitation) and of the Child Theology Movement. He is married to Hilary, a Christian social activist, and together they have three children, seven grand-daughters and one grandson.

Keith J White and his wife, Ruth, live at Mill Grove, a Christian residential community that has been caring for children and young people in the East End of London UK since 1899. He is an Associate Lecturer at Spurgeons College, and a member of the faculty of the Asian Graduate School of Theology. As the founder and chair of the Child Theology Movement he has contributed to conferences and symposia around the world. Among the books he has written or edited are A Place for Us, Caring for Deprived Children, Re-Framing Children’s Services, Children and Social Exclusion, The Changing Face of Child Care, The Growth of Love, Reflections on Living with Children, Introducing Child Theology, and Childhoods in Cultural Contexts.

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