In the Meantime

In the meantime

In the meantime

This book has a simple message:

once we begin to explore the meaning of mundane, everyday life, to value it and try to understand what God might be doing and saying through it, and how we are to live each day with integrity and hope, then a whole new world begins to open up. Most of life for a Christian (or for anyone else) is ordinary, in the sense that it is made of largely routine and unexceptional actions and thought. If we pause to reflect on everyday life, we open ourselves to the realisation that there is, despite the evidence to the contrary, no part of human existence where God is not present. The Kingdom of Heaven is characterised by small things, little people, and ordinary happenings, and has very different time-spans and processes to what we expect. To glimpse it therefore requires the eyes and ears of faith in the midst of messy and unexceptional life.

There are forty meditations on passages from the Bible, organised into five sections:

  • Looking back
  • Doing
  • Being
  • Going astray
  • Looking forward

Each mediation is followed by a prayer. Buy In the Meantime  Price : £10.99